2021-22 Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing

This is a photo of four people standing in front of a blackboard. From the left, there is Don Rothman, who is a white man with gray hair and beard who is wearing a blue sweater vest. Next to him is Kiva, a white man with tousled brown-blond hair and glasses. He is white and is wearing a black blazer. Two people stand to the right. One is a young white woman with long curly hair, who smiles widely and is wearing a jean jacket. Next to her is an Asian woman with very long, straight hair. She smiles and wears a long red coat. 

To the left of the photo is a block that reads: Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing 2021-2022, Virtual Ceremony - March 3, 2023.

Don Rothman, a leading voice for writers and writing during a distinguished 40-year career at UC Santa Cruz, founded the Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing. The award honors the achievements of one or more first-year students in the genre of nonfiction, academic, analytic writing, and recognizes excellence in writing pedagogy.

2021-22 Award Recipients