Graduate Faculty

Senate faculty in the Writing Program are available for thesis and dissertation support. Our faculty serve on doctoral exam committee and thesis/dissertation committees. Research profiles and contact information of available faculty are provided below. 

Dev K. Bose

Primary areas: Writing program administration, Multimodal Composition, Business and Technical Writing, Disability Studies

Secondary areas: Cultural Rhetorics, Qualitative Research Methods

Kimberly Helmer

Primary areas: Educational and linguistic anthropology (discourse analysis), Spanish as a heritage language, English for Academic Purposes (LX writing and writers)

Secondary areas: Online education, curriculum development

Heather Shearer

Primary areas: Organizational communication, Religious rhetoric, Activity theory

Secondary areas: Survey design, Curriculum development

Amy Vidali

Primary areas: Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition, Disability Studies, Writing Program Administration, Social Justice

Secondary Areas: Curricular Design and Pedagogy

Tanner WouldGo

Primary areas: Institutional rhetoric, Writing assessment, Teaching for Transfer

Secondary areas: Writing program administration 

To consider a Writing Program faculty member as part of your graduate team:

  1. Begin by reviewing areas of faculty expertise for Senate faculty currently available. 
  2. Contact the faculty member via email to briefly express your interest in working with that faculty member and inquire about their availability.
  3. Send a current proposal of your thesis or dissertation project (or your exam areas, depending on discipline). In addition, include an explanation of the expected responsibilities of the Writing Program faculty member (reading drafts, exams, research support, etc.) and timeline.
Last modified: Sep 19, 2023