Faculty Opportunities

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By serving as program coordinators, committee chairs, and committee members, faculty can directly contribute to program leadership. This work is compensated. Openings and opportunities are advertised to program faculty through communication from the chair and/or in the yearly curriculum survey.

The WP maintains a blog—The Rhetorical Situation—to provide resources, amplify faculty voices, and stimulate collegial discussions.

Teaching Circles are an informal, non-evaluative way to connect with other faculty in the program and talk about teaching. For more information, see the PDC’s blog post for Fall 2022.

The WP hosts ongoing reading/working groups, such as the Online Reading Group and the Antiracist Pedagogy Reading Group. Contact the WP Chair for details about which groups are active this year.

The “Recycled Papers” Mini-Conference (est. Spring 2022) is an annual Writing Program conference in which WP faculty and staff have the opportunity to informally share and reflect on “recycled” writing that they are planning to present at an upcoming conference/on campus, have recently-ish presented or published, or are working on currently. For more information, see the PDC’s blog post for Fall 2022.


The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC, previously known as the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning) offers programs, workshops, and resources for all teaching at UCSC. Many WP faculty have been faculty fellows

The Humanities Institute (THI) offers various talks and workshop, and faculty have participated in clusters and The Deep Read

Senate faculty can volunteer to serve on a range of Senate Committees. Most service isn’t compensated, but some roles are.


Lecturers are eligible for Professional Development Funds to travel to conferences, participate in symposia, and more. 

Senate faculty can apply for COR funding to support their research.

Last modified: Sep 19, 2023