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Spring Quarter 2024

May 10 Deadline to withdraw (W) from a class (withdrawal FAQs)

May 31 Grading option change deadline

June 7 Spring instruction ends

June 10-13 Spring final exams

June 13 Spring quarter ends

June 18 Spring Grades due

Summer Session 2024

Summer Session enrollment starts May 1 for Writing 1 and Writing 2 courses. Articulated courses can be found at

Fall Quarter 2024 

Fall 24 Enrollment Information

Fewer Writing 2 courses will be offered in fall 2024 than in previous fall quarters, due to increased offerings of Writing 1. Students should plan accordingly and are encouraged to take WRIT 2 in summer session.

Directed Self Placement (DSP): Course placements through DSP are set and cannot be changed. For more information about Directed Self-Placement, head to the FAQs on the placement website.

AP Scores: You can check your AP credit, and if you can send or resend AP scores to Undergraduate Admissions (the UCSC school code is 4860).

Composition (C) Requirement: CA Community College Pathways to Satisfy Writing 2 at UCSC

> Students Entering 2020 and After

> Students Enrolled in 2018-2019 

> Students Enrolled in 2006-2017

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