Meeting the ELWR Requirement Outside of UCSC

All students at UCSC must meet what is called the “Entry-Level Writing Requirement” (ELWR). This requirement makes sure you are ready for the writing you will do in college. Some students satisfy this requirement before they come to UCSC with test scores, while others take Writing 1 or Writing 1E while at UCSC. All students must meet this requirement before the start of their fourth quarter of enrollment at UCSC. (The exception is students who take Writ 25, who must satisfy ELWR prior to their fifth quarter of enrollment.)

Most students satisfy ELWR by taking a course at UCSC. But there are two reasons you might take a course outside UCSC in order to satisfy this requirement:

  • You have decided to take the course outside of UCSC, possibly during summer (or another quarter you are not enrolled at UCSC). Note that if you are enrolled at UCSC, you can’t take a course to satisfy ELWR somewhere else at the same time.
  • You had to leave UCSC (because you were not making appropriate academic progress, are taking a Leave of Absence, etc.). In this case, you would likely be taking an ELWR course outside of UCSC and hope or plan to be readmitted to UCSC and transfer the course back in.

If you take a course to meet ELWR outside of UCSC, you will need to submit an ELWR Packet to the Writing Program to receive credit for it. How to do that is below.

ELWR Packet

Step 1: Completing an ELWR Satisfying Course

Courses that meet ELWR are available on (You view the particular articulation agreement at the college you want to attend.) If you wish to stay in the local area, courses that satisfy ELWR are offered at Cabrillo College.

Step 2: Submitting an ELWR Packet

After taking and passing an ELWR course, submit an ELWR packet online.

Step 3: Hearing Back Regarding the Status of Your ELWR Packet

It will take the Writing Program a few weeks to review your packet. You will be notified via email. You will be directed to submit your transcripts to the Registrar. Note that the Writing Program does not readmit you to UCSC if you were discontinued, suspended, barred, or if you withdrew.  You can find information about readmission here. If your packet is not approved, an explanation will be given as to why.

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Last modified: May 17, 2024