Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing, 2022-23 Submission Form

To apply for the Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing, please review the guidelines below, complete the submission form, and upload one PDF copy (paper copies will not be accepted) of your essay by June 20, 2023.


  • Must be a first-year student.
  • Essay must have originated in a first-year writing course during 2022-23 academic year (Writ 1, Writ 1E, Writ 2, Writ 2H, Writ 25, Writ 26) and should demonstrate serious engagement with issues raised in the class, including the importance and impact of other writers' ideas.
  • Length should be commensurate with the essay's purpose, but no more than 2500 words. Any submission that goes over the 2500 word count will not be considered.
  • All pages of the essay must be numbered and without the applicant or instructor name.
  • The committee will only consider one submission per student.*

*We will automatically consider only the last submission a student makes -- so if you have already submitted an essay and you want to submit a newer version or a different essay entirely, you may create a new submission. However, please do not submit a second essay if you want the original essay you submitted to be considered.

About the Don Rothman Endowed Award in First-Year Writing
For more information, please contact the Writing Program,

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