Summer Options, Students Enrolled 2006-2017

Summer Options for Writing Courses and Writing Requirements

Do you need to satisfy Composition 2 (C2)?

UCSC Summer Session
Writing course offerings vary by year but Writing 2 is usually offered. Check the Summer Session website to see what courses are offered this summer.

Community College
Consider taking a course at a Community College. Check which courses are transferable for Composition 2 (C2) here.

*Note that satisfying Composition 1 (C1) at a Community College is an option only available prior to beginning at UCSC. Once a student begins enrollment at UCSC, satisfaction of the ELWR and C1 requirements will take a different route.

Do you need to satisfy ELWR? 

Take a recommended writing course at a Community College to build an appeal packet.
The course will not satisfy ELWR and will not be transferable for Composition (C1 or C2) credit.
See ELWR Enrollment Hold for more information.

Do you have an ELWR hold and need to satisfy ELWR before returning to UCSC?

See ELWR Enrollment Hold for more information