Current Students, Enrolled 2006-2017

Students who have satisfied the C2 (and C1 and the ELWR) by completing Writing-2, Core 80B, or equivalent transfer course, have completed their lower division writing requirements. The upper division Disciplinary Communication (DC) or Writing-Intensive (W) requirement will be satisfied by classes taken in the student's major (see major adviser for details).

Students who have satisfied the ELWR and passed Core have satisfied the C1 requirement, and may enroll in Writing-2 to complete the C2 requirement. Students must complete the C2 requirement before beginning their seventh quarter.

Students (mostly transfers) who have taken the appropriate English writing course at another institution and who have satisfied the ELWR and C1 requirement, but have not yet satisfied the C2 requirement, may enroll in Writing-2.

Students may also elect to take an equivalent C2 course during the summer at a California community college or at UCSC during summer session. In any case, students must complete the C2 requirement before beginning their seventh quarter.