International Students, Enrolled 2006-2017

Multilingual Curriculum Series for International Students

The Multilingual Curriculum (MLC) is required of all F-1 international students who earn a score of 5 or lower on the Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) in fall.

Students place into the MLC as follows:

  • AWPE score of 5 = WRIT 27 (passing grade satisfies ELWR)
  • AWPE score of 4 = WRIT 26
  • AWPE score of 3 = WRIT 25
  • AWPE score of 2 = WRIT 25

Students proceed sequentially through the curriculum, but their starting point depends on their initial placement. Students placed into WRIT 25 in the fall will move to WRIT 26 in the winter, and WRIT 27 in the spring. By comparison, those placed into WRIT 26 in the fall would proceed to WRIT 27 in the Winter and, upon passing the class, would satisfy ELWR.

For more information on the MLC course sequence and satisfying the UCSC Composition requirements, download the MLC Info Sheet (PDF)

 mlc info sheet

Multilingual Curriculum Series Courses

WRIT 25​, Writing about Place​ (F, W)
Using the theme of “Place,” course 25 asks that students explore the UCSC discourse community, including classroom culture, then widen their lens to include the larger Santa Cruz community in which they conduct community­based research projects. Writing moves beyond the paragraph level and includes a focus on oral communication and presentation skills. Prerequisite(s): course 24 or placement via examination and interview.

WRIT 26​, Writing about Language​ (F, W, S)
Using the theme of “Language,” course 26 teaches students about language acquisition and how to best optimize their own language learning. Students engage in a primary research project, such as investigating how highly proficient English language learners have become proficient. Through the research project, students begin to understand the nature of research while using academic discourse conventions in their own writing. Prerequisite(s): course 25 or placement by examination and interview.

WRIT 27​, Writing about Genre​ (F, W, S)
U​sing the theme of “Rhetoric and Genre,” course 27 prepares students to transfer into the mainstream composition curriculum and to succeed in their discipline­specific writing courses. This class emphasizes two major concepts — genre and rhetorical situation — that are germane to preparing students to understand and respond to situations that require written communication. The focus on genre and rhetoric allow for a comparative investigation of communicative strategies across cultures, with an emphasis on communicating in Western academic contexts. On passing course 27, the final and most advanced course in the sequence, students satisfy ELWR. Prerequisite(s): course 26 or placement by examination and interview.