C2 Requirement

Composition 2, Rhetoric and Inquiry

Students in Composition 2 (Writing 2, Core 80B) build on their progress in Composition 1 (C1) by learning strategies for becoming more effective readers, writers, and speakers in the context of assignments that require independent research. They deepen their comprehension of how their writing and that of others can add to the understanding of vital issues and sustain meaningful inquiry through responsible persuasion.

Students will:

  1. Write a series of at least five essays (including one of at least 1500 words) and read a variety of texts that provide occasions for analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating data and arguments.
  2. Learn methods of research and approaches to using sources (i.e., the information, theories, arguments, and texts of others) that provide students with the knowledge and confidence to actively participate in the act of inquiry by composing comparative analysis, interpretation, and reasoned argument.
  3. Learn specific techniques for critically analyzing sources so as to understand their purpose and context and to evaluate the credibility and relevance of their information and the persuasiveness of their evidence and reasoning.
  4. Achieve solid competence and, to the extent possible, virtuosity in all facets of the writing process. This includes:
    • Learning modes of inquiry and strategies for revision that strive for complexity, nuance, and depth as well as coherence and clarity
    • Learning to develop extended, complex arguments by orienting readers, creating clear expectations and a sufficiently explicit train of thought, effectively weaving together multiple strands of inquiry and bringing the whole to a satisfying conclusion
    • Learning techniques for developing a prose style that moves beyond accuracy and clarity to precision, power, subtlety, and elegance