ELWR  Appeal Packet and Process

Students who have an ELWR hold will be unable to enroll in future quarters at UCSC. To be reviewed for ELWR satisfaction, students will need to submit an ELWR appeal packet as outlined below.

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Submit your appeal packet

  • Your packet can be submitted online, dropped off in person during business hours at the Writing Program Office (Humanities 1, Room 209), or mailed to the Writing Program Office.

  • Address appeal packets to:
    Attn: ELWR Coordinator
    The Writing Program
    UC Santa Cruz
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  • If you would like your appeal packet to be reviewed:

    • Before Fall Quarter - submit by September 3
    • Before Winter Quarter - submit by December 10
    • Before Spring Quarter - submit by March 4
    • Summer Session - submit by June 1

Required Appeal Packet Contents

  1. Cover page: Include your full name (as enrolled at UCSC), your student ID number, your college, your UCSC email address, and an alternate email address.
  2. Writing Assignment prompt(s): Submit writing assignment prompt(s) for the essays you submit with your ELWR appeal packet.
  3. 8-12 pages of essays (double-spaced) that make use of outside sources and that have been written for a college-level writing or English class. Be sure that your essays refer directly to these texts (nonfiction or fiction) that you read and that you make use of those texts (nonfiction or fiction) in presenting your own ideas. Summary essays that do not contain original ideas will not satisfy ELWR. Writing that does not draw on texts (nonfiction or fiction) will not satisfy ELWR.
  4. Copies of these papers with instructor comments are required. You can continue to revise your essays after you receive these comments and can also include your revisions in the appeal packet, but we require the copies with instructor comments as this is the only way we have of verifying that the work is your own. If comments are made in Canvas or other course management systems, be sure to save them and print them out before the course ends.


What kind of course must I take to submit for an appeal?

  • Any current college-level writing or English course that requires reading of texts (nonfiction or fiction) and writing essays in English that respond to these texts (nonfiction or fiction) is acceptable. Online college-level writing or English courses that involve written instructor comments/feedback are acceptable.

Are there specific courses that are recommended?

  • You can see a list of recommended California courses here
  • Please note that you need to ensure that the papers you write make use of texts (nonfiction or fiction) so that they will be appropriate for an ELWR appeal. Current college-level writing or English courses that are not on this list are also acceptable as long as they include appropriate writing assignments and writtien instructor comments (See “Required Appeal Packet Contents” section above).

Will passing the class satisfy ELWR?

  • No. The only way to satisfy the ELWR is by submitting a packet of coursework from your appropriate current college-level writing or English course, which is then evaluated to determine if it satisfies the ELWR.

Do I have options for remaining in the Santa Cruz area?

  • Many students on leave from UCSC take courses at Cabrillo Community College in Aptos, Santa Cruz County.
  • If you are an international student, you should contact Cabrillo’s International Student Program at International Students - Cabrillo College This program can assist you with the application process and will be able to advise you on visa concerns.
  • If you are a domestic student, you can apply for admission to Cabrillo College through the Cabrillo Admissions Office: https://www.cabrillo.edu/services/ar/

What can I do if I am an international student concerned about my visa status?

  • You should keep in regular contact with the International Education Office: http://ieo.ucsc.edu/intl-students/ This office can keep you updated on current visa requirements.
  • The UCSC Writing Program cannot advise you on visa issues.

When will I know if my appeal has been successful?

  • Most packets are reviewed within ten business days of receiving them.
  • You will be notified about the appeal packet decision by email at the address(es) you provide.

What will happen once I satisfy the ELWR via appeal?

  • In order to return to the university, you will be required to submit an application for readmission to UC Santa Cruz. The final deadline to apply for readmission for summer or fall quarter is June 1st. You can submit an application for readmission prior to completing ELWR and may be approved provisionally until ELWR is satisfied.
  • Contact your college advising office for assistance with the readmission process, academic advising, and enrollment planning for the quarter you plan to return to UC Santa Cruz.
  • Please consult the Academic and Administrative Calendar for important campus deadlines.

What if my appeal is not successful?

  • You may continue to take additional writing and English classes at schools other than UCSC and can submit one appeal packet for each class you take.
  • You may not submit a second appeal packet for the same course. However, you can keep taking additional courses and submit a new appeal packet for each course.