Your Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) Score


Viewing Your Score

Scores can be viewed once they have been matched to your academic record and posted in the student portal at Your AWPE score will appear on your UCSC student portal under “View Test Scores.” 

1. Log into the portal

2. Click on "Main Menu" at the top of the page

3. Click on "My Student Center"

4. Click on "View Test Scores"

5. Click on "View All"

6. You will have an AWPE Overall score or an AWPE-MLS (English for Multiligual Students, previously AWPE-ELL) Overall score.

AWPE Scoring 

Your AWPE essay was scored by at least two evaluators. Each evaluator independently assigned your essay a scoring category 1-6. These two scores were combined to arrive at your final score, which will total between 2 and 12. This combined score is what has been posted to your record.

If you received a combined score of 8 or 9 (one score of 4 and a second score of 4 or 5), you have satisfied the ELWR. 

You can view the full AWPE Scoring Guide.  To interpret your score, you will need to remember that your posted combined score is a total of two scores. To see which two scores your combined score represents see the table below.

If Your Combined Score Is…

You Received Individual Scores of…


Two scores of 1


One score of 1; one score of 2


Two scores of 2


One score of 2; one score of 3


Two scores of 3


Two scores of 4


One score of 4; one score of 5


Two scores of 5


One score of 5; one score of 6


Two scores of 6



Students entering 2020 and after


The AWPE will only be offered Universitywide online on May 22, 2021. This exam is not recommended for UCSC students, but if you have already taken it, ELWR-satisfying scores (a combined score of 8+) will be accepted for placement. AWPE scores of 6 and below will not be used for placement. All students must still complete DSP.  


Students entering 2018 and After

Students enrolled 2018 - 2019


If you received a combined score of 8 or 9 (one score of 4 and a second score of 4 or 5), you have satisfied the ELWR. 



Students enrolled 2006-2017

Students enrolled 2006-2017

If you received a combined score of 10-12 (two scores of 5 and/or 6), you have satisfied the ELWR and Composition 2 (C2) Requirement of UCSC's General Education Requirements.