ELWR, C1 & C2 Requirements

Students enrolled 2006 - 2017


Transfer Students

Transfer Student Requirements Matrix

Most incoming transfer students have already satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) and C1 requirements, and many have already satisfied C2. Any transfer student who has satisfied IGETC has already satisfied these requirements. Transfers who have not satisfied ELWR or C1 should plan on taking the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) prior to starting classes at UCSC. For fall admits, this will be the September AWPE; for winter admits, this will be the January AWPE; for spring admits, this will be the March AWPE. The date of next scheduled campus-administered AWPE can be found in the Announcements section of the Writing Program's home page.

Students who have satisfied the ELWR and C1 should enroll in Writing-2 to satisfy their C2 requirement.

Please note that although there is an articulation agreement between UCSC and California community colleges, there are no other articulation agreements for other institutions. If you have taken a class at an institution other than a California community college, and you believe it will satisfy the C1 or C2 requirement based on the C1/C2 academic objectives, speak to your college adviser for options.

Transfer Students entering 2018 and after
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Out-of-State Students

IGETC, UC Reciprocity, and C1+C2 transfer courses satisfy ELWR, C1 and C2. A single C1 transfer course, AWPE score of 10+, or AP English score of 4+will satisfy ELWR and C1. An AWPE score of 8+, AP English score of 3+, ACT score of 30+, or SAT score of 680+, IBH High score of 5+, or  IBH Standard score of 6+ will satisfy ELWR. AWPE scores below 7 does not satisfy ELWR. In that case, ELWR and C1 are satisfied via completion of Core and additional AWPE exam or portfolio review. C2 is satisfied via Core 80B, Writing 2, or a transfered C2 course.
Out-of-State Students: AP English score can be from the AP English Language
and Composition exam, OR the AP English Literature and Composition exam

All candidates for a bachelor’s degree at UCSC must demonstrate their command of the English language by satisfying the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR). Because of the lack of articulation agreements and inability to take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) outside of California in May, out-of-state students are encouraged to attempt to satisfy the ELWR via the ACT, SAT, AP, or IB tests. Students who have not satisfied the ELWR via ACT, AP, SAT, or IB scores (see chart above) must take the AWPE in September during Fall Orientation. These students may have to make concessions in their schedule in order to enroll in the remaining College courses at that time.

Students should confirm that the testing agency or school has sent its official score report or transcript to UCSC. To ensure your transcripts and test scores have been received, continue to check your student portal at my.ucsc.edu If you have questions regarding transcripts and test scores, check the Admissions FAQ page or contact the Admissions Office.

*UC is accepting a score of 680 or better on the SAT, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement on a pilot basis, beginning with new students entering UC in Fall 2018 and after. The pilot will remain in effect until a new policy is adopted by the Academic Senate.

Out-of-State Students entering 2018 and after
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International Students

Multilingual Curriculum Series for International Students

The Multilingual Curriculum (MLC) is required of all F-1 international students who earn a score of 5 or lower on the Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) in fall.

Students place into the MLC as follows:

  • AWPE score of 5 = WRIT 27 (passing grade satisfies ELWR)
  • AWPE score of 4 = WRIT 26
  • AWPE score of 3 = WRIT 25
  • AWPE score of 2 = WRIT 25

Students proceed sequentially through the curriculum, but their starting point depends on their initial placement. Students placed into WRIT 25 in the fall will move to WRIT 26 in the winter, and WRIT 27 in the spring. By comparison, those placed into WRIT 26 in the fall would proceed to WRIT 27 in the Winter and, upon passing the class, would satisfy ELWR.

For more information on the MLC course sequence and satisfying the UCSC Composition requirements, review the MLC Info Diagram below:

diagram of multilingual curriculum
Multilingual Curriculum Series Courses

WRIT 25​, Writing about Place​ (F, W)
Using the theme of “Place,” course 25 asks that students explore the UCSC discourse community, including classroom culture, then widen their lens to include the larger Santa Cruz community in which they conduct community­based research projects. Writing moves beyond the paragraph level and includes a focus on oral communication and presentation skills. Prerequisite(s): course 24 or placement via examination and interview.

WRIT 26​, Writing about Language​ (F, W, S)
Using the theme of “Language,” course 26 teaches students about language acquisition and how to best optimize their own language learning. Students engage in a primary research project, such as investigating how highly proficient English language learners have become proficient. Through the research project, students begin to understand the nature of research while using academic discourse conventions in their own writing. Prerequisite(s): course 25 or placement by examination and interview.

WRIT 27​, Writing about Genre​ (F, W, S)
U​sing the theme of “Rhetoric and Genre,” course 27 prepares students to transfer into the mainstream composition curriculum and to succeed in their discipline­specific writing courses. This class emphasizes two major concepts — genre and rhetorical situation — that are germane to preparing students to understand and respond to situations that require written communication. The focus on genre and rhetoric allow for a comparative investigation of communicative strategies across cultures, with an emphasis on communicating in Western academic contexts. On passing course 27, the final and most advanced course in the sequence, students satisfy ELWR. Prerequisite(s): course 26 or placement by examination and interview.

International Students entering 2018 and after
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