Ellen Newberry Honored as EOP Hero

May 23, 2013

In recognition of her dedication and devotion to teaching EOP students and developing their talent as writers, Writing Program instructor Ellen Newberry will be honored as an EOP Hero at a ceremony in May.

"Being considered a hero for doing work that sustains me is an unexpected honor.  In fact, if I were to name the element of my work that brings me the most happiness and energy it is the contact with students, many of whom are EOP students.  Because of the particular classes I teach and my work with the Bridge Academy I do spend time with a large number of EOP students, and they, like all my students, whether they are aware of it or not, remind me why I love my work; they bring to it a meaningfulness  and energy that reminds me that teaching is indeed the right career to have chosen.  For that I am a hero?  What a surprise and a humbling honor." -Ellen Newberry

The EOP Hero award is given to staff, faculty, and allies that promote and live the social justice mission of building opportunities.