Faculty Publications

October 10, 2011

Sample listing of some current faculty book publications

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Gendered Pathologies

Gendered Pathologies - Sondra Archimedes
Sondra Archimedes' enthralling and detailed study presents new ways of thinking about the female body and Victorian society. Discussing novels by Charles Dickens, H. Rider Haggard and Thomas Hardy, it examines nineteenth-century literary representations of the pathologized female body in relation to biomedical discourses about gender and society in Victorian England.

An Unnatural History UCSCAn Unnatural History - Edited by Jeff Arnett
An Unnatural History of UCSC, a new student-written publication, gathers some of this evocative, sometimes poignant, history through alumni reminiscences, newspaper accounts, and photographic archives.  Stories abound throughout UCSC's forty year history of inspiration, illumination and enlightenment available in the backwood trails on campus.

Human Oddities Human Oddities: Stories: Noria Jablonski
In her stark, startling first book, Jablonski gestures toward the abject and the sublime. These nine stories hinge on the damaged contemporary body; battered, conjoined, disfigured by plastic surgery, abandoned, intoxicated, in drag or rendered uninhabitable by obesity, desire or deformity.