Writing about Language

WRIT 26​, Writing about Language​

Students explore language acquisition and how to best optimize their own language learning by engaging in a primary research project. Through the research project, students learn to use academic discourse conventions in their own writing. Prerequisite(s): course 25 or placement by examination and interview.

Winter 2018 Sections

42991 WRIT-26-01

Writing about Language

TuTh 01:30PM - 03:05PM, Cowell Acad 223

Instructor: Helmer, K.A.

42992 WRIT-26-02

Writing about Language

MWF 10:40AM - 11:45AM, Soc Sci 1 149

Instructor: Cummings, S.J.

43360 WRIT-26-03

Writing about Language

MWF 08:00AM - 09:05AM, Soc Sci 1 149

Instructor: Staff