Introduction to Composition

Writing 1 provides declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge about writing, with a special focus on genre, genre conventions, and rhetorical situation. Provides opportunities for composing in a number of genres. Prerequisite(s): course 27 or satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing Requirement by permission. Enrollment restricted to first-year students and sophomores. Enrollment limited to 22. (General Education Code(s): C1.)

Fall 2017 Sections

23347 WRIT-1-01 MWF 09:20AM - 10:25AM, Crown Clrm 202
Instructor: Staff
23348 WRIT-1-02 TuTh 09:50AM - 11:25AM, Hum & Soc Sci 350
Instructor: Staff
23349 WRIT-1-03 MWF 08:00AM - 09:05AM, Soc Sci 1 149
Instructor: Staff