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The Writing Program offers courses designed to help students become more competent and confident writers of prose. These courses approach writing as one of the most important ways we have of making discoveries about ourselves and the world around us and of communicating these insights to others. The courses offered through this program teach skills of grammar and organization and strategies of invention, composition, revision, and editing.

About the Writing Program

Together with the colleges, the Writing Program administers the writing components (C1, C2) of the campus general education requirements; administers the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) (formerly known as Subject A); and advises students about ways to fulfill these requirements.

Writing Program instructors in each college participate in the college’s core course and counsel its students about their writing. Each year, the Writing Program offers Writing 2 (a lower-division course that satisfies the C2 requirement); the Writing 20, 21, 22, 23 series to help meet the needs of students who have not passed ELWR, including students with multilingual backgrounds; and Writing 169 and Writing 203, which offer instruction in the theory and practice of teaching writing for peer tutors and graduate students, respectively.

In addition to training peer tutors, the Writing Program also offers course credit for Instructional Assistants (IAs) who assist faculty in class with small group discussions and workshops.

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The Writing Program also offers each year several specialized lower- and upper-division courses, as well as several writing-intensive (W) courses during the summer session. Courses in creative writing are offered through the Literature Department.

Please note, the Writing Program no longer offers minors.

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